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Since 1999 NOVUS Glass has been providing quality glass service to the Gulfcoast area. As the inventor of Windshield repair in 1972, Novus is the leader in the industry. As a locally owned and operated franchise, we take satisfaction in providing our customers with exceptional technical and customer service. Yours and your family’s safety is our #1 priority. We are NGA Certified Technicians and we offer a lifetime, nationwide guarantee! Plus Novus windshield repair is environmentally friendly. Save your money,time and the environment by choosing Novus Glass!

We at NOVUS are also proud to have built strong relationships with all the major and independent insurance companies. Often referred to customers by Insurance Agents, NOVUS can handle all the paperwork of processing your auto glass insurance claims, making your auto glass service experience hassle-free! And did you know that most insurance companies cover the cost of your deductible when you choose the NOVUS repair service? Let NOVUS take care of all your glass needs and get you back on the road again!

Our services don’t stop at auto glass. We are a full service glass shop, offering replacement glass for houses, store fronts, new construction entrance systems, shower doors, mirrors, and much more. If it’s glass we can probably take care of it for you! If NOVUS can’t fix it, no one can!

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Having your windshield repaired is too important for the safety of your family to let life's hectic schedule stand in the way, so let us come to you.

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Headlight restore

Novus Glass did an amazing job restoring my headlights and now I can see again (especially at night—I’m blind at night J)…and the employees there are extremely nice!!! I would recommend them to all my friends!


Since 1972

Having repaired over 30 million windshields since 1972, NOVUS repairs restore the strength and clarity to the glass and prevents the further spread of damage.

Lifetime Guarantee

All NOVUS repairs have a nationwide lifetime warranty for as long as you own your vehicle. If the repair fails, we will refund the charge of the repair - no hassle - GUARANTEED!

Our Services

Auto Glass Replacement

While we endeavor to repair as many windshields possible, there are of course instances where a windshield is just too severely damaged and will have to be replaced. And while no one wants to replace their windshield unnecessarily, you can count on NOVUS to get the job done right! At NOVUS, we are concerned about your safety, and only use urethane adhesives (the "glue" that bonds your windshield to your vehicle) that meet or exceed all government and OEM safety standards. All windshields used by NOVUS meet stringent US Department of Transportation Standards for crash worthiness. Leaks and wind noise? Not a problem! At NOVUS, we guarantee your new windshield installation against leaks and wind noise or we'll fix it.

Commercial Glass

Headlamp Surface Restoration

Most of today's modern vehicles use integrated polycarbonate plastic headlamp/turn signal assemblies that can become pitted, faded, and dull with age and exposure to the elements. They can also be expensive to replace, with many costing as much as $200 to $300 each plus labor to install. Why replace it when NOVUS can restore the surface of your headlamp to a like new brilliance? The NOVUS technician will first complete a through inspection of your headlamp to evaluate its condition and suitability for restoration. If it is found to be a suitable candidate, the technician will then use a series of fine sandpapers and NOVUS Plastic Polishes to restore the surface of your headlamp to a nearly new brilliance for a fraction of the cost of replacement, all without removing the headlamp from your vehicle. What could be more convenient?

NOVUS Plastic Polish

Since 1973, NOVUS Plastic Polishes have been used around the world to restore the shine and brilliance to many types of plastic/acrylic surfaces. Available in three specific formulas, NOVUS 3 Plastic Polish is designed as a heavy scratch remover. NOVUS 2 is our general purpose fine scratch remover. NOVUS 1 is a plastic clean and shine, and provides a brilliant shine and protective anti-static coating to the surface of plastics. NOVUS Plastic Polish is truly a product with 101 uses. Use it to remove scratches from CD's and DVD's, restore the clarity to your Jeep or boat soft top windows, or restore the shine or brilliance to just about any hard plastic surface. NOVUS Plastic Polish works equally well on clear or colored plastic surfaces. It is truly a product that once you use it, you will wonder how you ever got along without it!

NOVUS Professional Glass Cleaner

NOVUS Professional Glass Cleaner is formulated with the professional in mind, but you don't have to be a professional to use it! Available in easy to use 19 oz. spray cans, this foaming glass cleaner will leave your glass and mirrors shiny and streak free. With a pleasing scent, it is also ammonia free so it is safe to use on aftermarket automotive window tint films.

Window Tinting

Would you like to cut down the glare of the sun in your vehicle, or maybe just give your vehicle that certain "look"? Well, window tinting can do just that, and more. Window tint film also reduces the heat build up in your vehicle so that your air conditioner works more effectively, in addition to providing superior UV protection that cuts down on the fading of your vehicle's interior. Many vehicles come from the factory with tinted glass, but often it is a little too light for many people's taste. Aftermarket window tint film is designed to fill this desire for a darker look to your glass. Let a NOVUS professional install your window tint film today!

Windshield Repair

NOVUS® is known throughout the world as the "Repair First, Replace When Necessary"® company. That reputation is backed by a written warranty that states a NOVUS windshield repair will restore strength and clarity to the glass; will halt the further spread of damage; and, will pass vehicle inspection in all states for as long as the customer owns their vehicle, or, NOVUS will refund the cost of the repair. Nearly 500 NOVUS franchises in North America and 2,000 locations in 42 countries deliver on that promise every day. NOVUS franchisees have performed over 20 million high quality windshield repairs with a customer satisfaction index exceeding 99%.

Wiper Blade Replacement

When was the last time you replaced your wiper blades? Can't remember? You're not alone. Regular wiper blade replacement is one of the most neglected areas of common vehicle maintenance that there is. At NOVUS, we offer wiper blade replacement at the time you have your windshield repaired or replaced. We will professionally install wiper blades while you wait. NOVUS offers wipers for all models of vehicles.